What does a valet do?

Perhaps you’ve seen valet drivers at venues you’ve visited, but you weren’t quite sure what the job entailed. Or, maybe you use Toronto valet parking services often but haven’t really stopped to think about the function of a valet driver and what their job entails. 

Learn a bit about the main role and responsibilities of valet drivers:

The role of a valet driver

Valet drivers are employed by locations or venues such as hotels, restaurants, and conference centres. The primary responsibility is to drive the guest’s vehicles to the parking area. 

When you arrive at a location that offers valet, there is often a host who greets you — at some sites, this individual will also be your valet. They will take your car keys and proceed to move your vehicle to a designated valet parking spot, alleviating the need for you to park your own vehicle.

They will also retrieve your vehicle for you when you are ready to depart.

Little extras

Other valet duties include: recording the exact location of each vehicle; keeping keys organized, safe and secure; answering to customer inquiries; and loading/unloading luggage, bags, or packages for valet guests.

At some valet bays, valet services offer interior and exterior car washes.

At Gatsby Valet, our valet drivers are highly trained in the safe operation of your vehicle. They are also focused on ensuring guests have a superior experience and receive top-notch customer service.

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