How Do Valet Parking Services Work?

If you’ve never used valet parking services, it may seem like an intimidating process. Quite the contrary! Valet services are designed to serve you — to make your arrival, departure, and overall experience better.

Valet Parking Pulling up: What to expect

When you arrive at a location that offers valet parking, simply look around for signage that indicates where the valet bay is (this is where the valet drivers receive incoming vehicles). 

Leaving your car in park, be sure to collect your belongings from your vehicle (purse, wallet, etc.). You will then pass your vehicle’s keys to one of the valets on duty. Or, if you’re using a contactless and ticketless system such as the one offered by top valet service provider Gatsby Valet, simply leave the keys in your vehicle and proceed to your destination — Gatsby valets will take care of the rest.  

Storage of your vehicle thru valet parking

Toronto valet parking service providers have contracts with the locations that allow them to access parking spaces on the property. While you are away from your vehicle, it will be safely stored in one of these designated parking spaces

Valet parking and how it is done
Giving car key to avail valet services

Vehicle retrieval

When it’s time to leave, traditional valet bays require that you return to request your vehicle in-person. On some sites, they may allow you to call ahead to ensure that your vehicle is ready for you upon your return. If you’re unsure, ask the valet about the vehicle retrieval process at the time of drop off.

At Gatsby Valet, we offer a ticketless experience and the option to recall your vehicle via our proprietary app, Parkenda — saving you time and making your experience a seamless one. Of course, if you prefer, you may simply return to the valet bay and request your vehicle in person.


It is customary, but not required, that you tip your valet driver. This should only be done if you are satisfied with the service. To find out how much you should tip, read the blog post How much should I trip my valet driver?