Valet Parking for Automotive Dealerships

Gatsby Valet has partnered with automotive brands and local dealerships alike, acting as a specialized external labour force and marketing tool on their behalf. Through a shared clientele at our vast network of valet locations and events, we have formed enviable alliances with automotive brands and dealerships seeking to elevate their client experience and improve sales through professional automotive and dealership valet parking in Toronto.

Valet Program

For many, an automobile purchase is the second largest, if not the largest, purchase of one’s life. As such, the experience should reflect the purchase — beginning with an enjoyable first impression at your doorstep. Parking at dealerships is often difficult to control as their inventory and service have many moving parts. Having a professional valet attendant at your doorstep offers guests a warm welcome and assurance that they will not spend their time searching for parking near your dealership.

Jockey Fleet Management Program

Inventory management on and off-site often requires scaling up or down seasonally. We provide professional car jockeys to assist with these fluctuations, maximize your current space, and use tandem or relocation systems when your lot is nearing capacity. We’ll also perform detailing and traffic control upon request.

Event Valet Services

We provide a focused event valet services team for those special occasions.

Off-Site Services

Outbound SalesForce / Ambassador Program

We have experience managing programs for small fleets of vehicles. Our staff is trained based on the automotive brand they are serving, and are outfitted to become an extension of that brand. We ensure that all vehicles are fueled, cleaned, and serviced as if they were taken directly from the dealership.


Personal executive test-drive programs


Extended test-drive programs with vehicle delivery

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Pop-up test-drive activations across the city

Sponsorship Program

The clientele at many of the locations we serve are prospective buyers for specific vehicle brands. We offer a unique opportunity to help you advertise to this captive audience through our sponsorship programs, as they enjoy our valet services (average wait of 3-5 minutes for their vehicle). Complete service rebranding, strategic vehicle placement, and in-car takeaways are just the starting point for opportunities.