Contactless valet services: What does it mean?

Today, it seems that everything is trying to go contactless. And we’re onboard with making this safer operational change. We value our client and guest safety and have made several operational adjustments to ensure their safety, including implementing a contactless valet experience.

Traditionally, valet services resulted in multiple touch points:

  • Keys being handed to the valet
  • The valet issuing a paper ticket to the guest
  • That same ticket turned to the valet upon pickup
  • An exchange of money or use of POS system

In the era of COVID-19, none of these practices are considered safe, as they require high-touch points and close proximity between valet staff and guests. 

To be truly contactless, valet services today require an efficient and reliable ticketless system — something that Toronto valet parking company GATSBY VALET has been using for some time.

The benefits of a ticketless system are ample:

  • No close contact between valets and guests (COVID-19 friendly)
  • No lost tickets
  • Easy and secure payments
  • Environmentally friendly — no waste

Sanitization for an even safe experience

During the pandemic, Gatsby Valet decided to go a step further to protect their guests. Guests may now opt to have the interior and exterior of their vehicle sanitized while they enjoy their event, meeting, shopping experience, etc. Administered by Gatsby Valet’s sister company, S.T.A.C.S. strategic sanitization solutions effectively eliminate 99.99% of pathogens on surfaces, such as COVID-19.

Valet services provider

Coupled with our contactless valet services, vehicle sanitization adds peace of mind for guests who share our vigilance and wish to stop the spread of COVID-19.