Valet Parking for Condos & Hotels

The guest experience at your hotel or residence begins the moment they arrive in your driveway. A polished, efficient, and organized curbside presence makes a strong first impression and often defines the rest of their experience. Entrusting your hotel and condominium Toronto valet parking services to a seasoned hospitality service provider is imperative to nurturing guest loyalty.

Offering 5-star Parking Solutions

Our Gatsby hotel and residence system is customized for each client with tailored solutions and deliverables based on driveway expectations and vehicle flow/volume forecasting. Providing complete turn-key management and support allows hotels and residences to focus on service within, knowing that a professional is solely focused and committed to the first and last impressions made at their driveways.




As the first point of contact at the hotel, we know the importance of this role. Our focus is on driving a positive first impression for your business, surprising and delighting your guests with premier valet services.

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Bell Service

Whether traveling for work or leisure, guests often require information and assistance in knowing and experiencing the hotel and city in which they are staying. During bag delivery or room presentation, our bell service provides anticipatory support and is attentive to your guests’ needs to connect to the city.



By entrusting an expertly managed hospitality solutions provider for valet and door staff, not only will you enhance the arrival and departure experience for your guests — but you will also realize cost reductions through shared costs and operational efficiencies.

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Event Staff

For guests visiting a large banquet, gala, or other social event, the service they receive on the driveway sets the tone for the rest of their experience. A well-managed driveway begins with appropriate staffing scaled up or down based upon the size of event. Gatsby Valet’s valet parking for private events event-focused side of the business is expertly equipped to handle these event needs from start to finish.

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Your guests deserve, and demand, consistently cordial front desk service as they check-in or arrive home. We understand that this position is the face of your establishment, and our staff are professionally trained to provide a guest experience aligned with your brand.