Providing safer valet services in COVID-19 hot-spots

With infection rates on the rise across the province, some valet service workers have felt uneasy returning to work, particularly those serving vehicles from COVID-19 hot-spots. 

You may have read the article about a Niagara area valet driver who was suspended for refusing to enter vehicles that originated from red zone regions. 

At Gatsby Valet, we continue to be mindful of the additional stress some of our staff members may be experiencing. We work to understand and address the concerns of our valet teams and always follow the government’s guidelines for operations. 

Valet staff who feel comfortable returning to work (where our operations are still running) are prepared for the new normal of Gatsby Valet services with:

  • PPE for all valet drivers (face masks and gloves)


  • Hand sanitizer


  • Instructions on the safe handling of vehicles 
  • Guidelines for hand washing and hygiene before, during, and after their shift

  • Training on our contactless valet operating procedure 

  • Training on in-vehicle sanitization services now offered to guests

Our employee and guest safety is, and always has been, of the utmost concern. While we feel confident that the services we provide today greatly reduce the risk of virus transmission, we acknowledge that in these uncertain times, it’s also important to ensure that our employees and guests feel safe. 

Within our organization, and through our parent organization The West Egg Group, we remain in close communication with our teams and customers to understand their concerns, pivot our operations to meet their evolving needs, and strive to set the benchmark for superior, and safer, services in our industry.