Driving less? Here's how to maintain your vehicle

Most of us are driving a lot less these days. While that is great for savings at the gas pump, and means less time spent commuting, leaving your vehicle idle for long periods can have unfavourable consequences.

Here’s how to maintain your car when you aren’t driving often:

Keep your tires in tip-top shape

  • Check your tire pressure often to ensure that they match the manufacturer’s recommendations

  • Note that tires will lose air over time, however those filled with nitrogen leak less than those filled with oxygen

  • If you haven’t moved your car in a month, you may be causing flat spots, so be sure to move it — even slightly — every once in a while

  • If your tires are older, be on the watch for rubber deterioration — look for cracking, flaking, bulging or discolouration

  • If the car is sitting in the sun (not a huge issue during the winter months), consider covering the tires to prevent UV damage

  • Always inspect your tires before your drive

Modify your oil changing schedule

  • If you’re not driving regularly, the oil can deteriorate due to temperature fluctuations
  • You may need to switch from a mileage-based oil change schedule to a time-based structure — experts recommend that you change the oil every six months, but remember to consult with your mechanic


  • If your vehicle has been in storage for some time, it may be advisable to change the oil before starting it for the first time to remove any water condensation that has accumulated in the oil

Fill ‘er up

  • If you plan to keep your car off the road for an extended period of time, fill up the gas tank beforehand to help reduce condensation inside the tank caused by weather fluctuations


  • Gasoline should last about six months, and Diesel six months to a year


  • You may want to add a storage-focused fuel additive for short-term storage


  • For vehicles that are intended to be off the road for a considerable amount of time, it’s likely best to drain the tank and the fuel lines — since this can be dangerous, enlist the help of a professional to ensure proper drainage and disposal 

At Gatsby Valet, we’re as serious about vehicle safety on and off the road as we are about valet parking in Toronto. When the world opens back up and you’re back on the road, trust our valet drivers to take great care of your vehicle while you enjoy getting back to the things you love.