Is valet parking cash only?

We all know the expression ‘cash is king’ but now-a-days, fewer people are carrying cash and are more reliant upon debit and credit card point of sale (POS) transactions. 

Traditional valet payment
Cash has of course always been accepted for valet services and continues to be the main method of payment at sites that operate without modern parking and vehicle management technology.

Drawbacks to this system include:

  • Inefficiencies in record keeping
  • Cumbersome bookkeeping
  • The potential for money theft
  • Added transaction time

Modernizing payment methods
In recent years, more and more locations and valet service providers in Toronto have adjusted their antiquated practices to include alternate methods of payment such as debit and credit card.

Most valet parking sites now offer electronic payment, and some offer a completely ticketless and contactless experience. That said, many also keep cash on-site and will accept cash payment and tips. 

Electronic payments are:

  • Easier to manage
  • Streamline bookkeeping
  • Reduce the potential for theft
  • And, customers demand them, as they offer a faster and more convenient valet experience

Tipping etiquette
If you are wondering whether you should tip your driver and how much for their valet services, check out these helpful tips on valet parking tipping.