Where is valet parking offered?

You may have used valet parking services previously, or perhaps you’ve never been presented with the option to valet park. So you may be wondering where you can expect to find valet and the benefit it provides.

First, let’s quickly explore the two main reasons for the existence of valet parking:

  1. Convenience and time savings

    Valet parking is most often offered in city centres or more densely populated areas where parking is scarce. Valet parking services in this scenario serve as a convenience to individuals who can’t (or won’t) waste time looking for a parking spot.

  2. An elevated experience

    Aside from the time savings, some locations choose to offer valet park for a better guest experience. In this instance, upscale businesses may offer valet parking as an optional service (complementary or paid by the guest), even though self-parking may be available.

Where will you find valet parking?

Valet parking is becoming increasingly popular and is found almost everywhere, particularly in city centres. Traditionally, you’d find valet at high-end restaurants and hotels. Now, these services have become more mainstream and patrons and guests delight at the option of having their car parked for them — a simple, yet fulfilling luxury.

Within the Greater Toronto Area, you will find Gatsby Valet offering elite valet parking services at:

Wherever there is a need to park a vehicle, valet services may be present. And if you haven’t used valet parking services before and aren’t sure how they work, check out this blog to learn more about what to expect.