How much should I tip my valet driver?

After a great day of shopping, you return to the valet bay where your car is ready and waiting, warmed up and ready to go. The snow has been carefully brushed off and the seat warmers are on — a nice tough. 

Your valet driver has gone the extra mile, helping you load your bags into the trunk, opening the door for you, and gently closing it behind you. You want to give them a tip for their attentiveness, but you ask yourself…

How much should you tip your valet driver? 

Tipping is at your discretion, but there are some simple guidelines to follow, should you wish to show your gratitude with a tip.

  • It is customary to tip your valet driver between $1-$5
  • Prefer to work in percentages? Tip a minimum of 10% of the cost of the valet
  • If you feel more comfortable aligning with other industry norms, plan to tip between 15%-20%

When to tip?

Some guests opt to tip when dropping off their vehicles, however, it is most common to tip as you pick up your vehicle. 

Tip for valet services

If you’re going to be in-and-out of your car multiple times, as you may be when staying at a hotel where valet parking is available, most valet drivers will refuse a tip each time, so you may opt to either reduce the amount you tip each time or provide one larger tip (at the start or end of the day).

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