Is valet parking insured?

When you use valet parking services, you may be wondering what would happen if your vehicle were to be involved in an accident. Who would be responsible for the damages? 

A no-fault standard — what is it? 

Canada is unique in that it legally follows a no fault standard. This means that  any accident — no matter who was at fault or how it was caused — becomes the ‘fault’ of the insurance provider of the damaged vehicle. 

What does that mean for you?

If you use valet car parking services and your vehicle damages another vehicle, that vehicle’s insurance will be responsible for the claim. 

If you use valet parking services and another vehicle, or another individual, damages your vehicle, your insurance will be responsible for the claim. 

Gatsby Valet goes above and beyond

Even though valet guests’ insurance policies will cover damages incurred while the car is in the care of the valet, Gatsby Valet is insured for over $10 million. And most often, damage claims are paid out of pocket. 

Am I taking on any liability if I hire a valet company?

At Gatsby Valet, we take full responsibility for any mistakes made by our team members and as such, we are backed by a robust insurance policy. This is to ensure that our clients and those that entrust us with their vehicles, feel at ease.

We invite you to inquire about the process of booking valet services with us and to discuss how our operations ensure the safe movement of vehicles — all while delivering an elevated experience.