What is the 'guest experience'?

The guest experience is a lot like the customer experience — a phrase more people are familiar with. In fact, ‘guest experience’ is an adaptation of this term, but focused on the hospitality industry. It is the experience that a guest has with a brand.


So why the distinction?

The nuance between the two is subtle but significant. A customer is a patron, meaning that they purchase or receive a product or service from a business or merchant. Conversely, a guest is a recipient of hospitality, whether that be staying at someone’s home, a hotel, or shopping at a high-end retail boutique.


Guests are more than just purchasers of a product or service, they are there for the experience that surrounds it — all of the small (and big) moments that make up the entire experience.  


At Gatsby Valet, we consider ourselves specialists in elevating the guest experience. That’s why we created the tagline, ‘Driving first impressions’ which speaks to the unique curbside experience we offer through our valet services in Toronto


However, our hospitality doesn’t end there. We offer specialized traffic direction, event oversight, ambassador services, and more to a variety of clients across diverse industries. Our differentiator is our acute focus on delivering an unexpectedly elegant and professionally executed guest experience, no matter what the task.

Why does the guest experience matter?

For businesses, a positive guest experience:

  • Promotes loyalty and repeat business 
  • Supports brand advocacy 
  • Reduces customer churn 


For customers, a positive guest experience:

  • Creates a more enjoyable patron/purchase experience
  • Creates feelings of brand affinity
  • Makes the decision to patron/purchase from the same brand easier in future
  • Often, it also makes customers feel a part of a community or group


How to improve your guest experience


How you examine and address your guest experience depends in part on the products and services you’re providing. That said, for all industries, there are a few important (and simple) areas of your experience to evaluate:

  • What is your customer/patron journey? What are the touchpoints they have with your brand from consideration to purchase, and beyond? 
  • Have your team members been trained on how to deliver a differentiated and appropriate guest experience that anticipates and addresses your patrons’ needs? 
  • How do you handle customer feedback? Is it readily addressed? 
  • How do you personalize the experience (as much as possible) for each of your guests?


These questions are great starting points for looking at your guest experience through your customers’ perspective. 


To better understand and adapt your guest experience in order to elevate your brand (to not only increase sales, but also retain and attract customers), contact Gatsby Valet — experts at first (and lasting) positive brand experiences.