Can I hire a valet company for a private event?

Absolutely! Valet parking services add an elegant touch to private events and functions. And, they’re more affordable than you might think. 

What was once thought of as a service only for high-profile hotels and restaurants has now become mainstream not only at businesses and venues of all kinds, but also at private events and functions.

What kind of private events use valet services?
You’ll now find valet parking services at various social and corporate events. These events can vary in size from intimate gatherings held at private residences, to larger-scale private events at large event spaces.

Those guests accustomed to the luxury of valet parking now expect it at all special events they attend, regardless of the scale of the event. 

Although Gatsby Valet  is the preferred valet vendor at all major event venues in Ontario, our services are not limited to those spaces. Gatsby Valet’s special event valet parking services have become a staple at private residences and cottages across the province. We delight in being able to offer the same high level of service and a superior curb side experience to guests, regardless of the location or scale of the event.

How does it work?
With over 16 years of experience providing valet service, Gatsby Valet understands that each event has its own unique requirements and we specialize in building a customized event valet parking plan for each of our clients. This often includes multiple site visits prior to the event to ensure that we understand the requirements of the space and can plan our operations and staffing accordingly. 

We pride ourselves in thinking outside of the box to create a truly unique guest experience and to set your event apart. 

Gatsby Valet specializes in such private events as:

  • Wedding valet services
  • House parties
  • Holiday events
  • Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvahs valet services
  • Corporate event valet service 
  • Brand launches or grand opening valet services
  • Gala or ball valet services
  • Charity fundraiser valet services  

These are just a few of the event types that we manage. Contact us to discuss your private event and to see how our valet services can elevate your guest experience.