Outside the box ideas for your next (socially distanced) event

I think we can all agree that it’s safety first, parties second — especially during a pandemic. But that doesn’t mean you have to close the curtain on your plans to host an impactful event. 

Whether you’re wedding planning, corporate party planning, or hoping to host a birthday bash for a memorable milestone, there are ways to ensure that your event will be both fun and safe. 

Here are a few tips and tricks for event planners looking to go outside the box in order to keep their guests safe:

Make the city your stage

Whether you’re in search of a stunning backdrop for a wedding or want to add that wow factor to an intimate gathering, consider booking an outdoor space with cityspace views. When the temperatures dip, add heaters throughout the space and offer blankets to keep guests cozy and comfortable while seated.

To manage city parking and give your guests a white glove experience, consider contactless valet, parking management, and door ambassador services from Gatsby Valet. Masters of first impressions and valet parking in Toronto, they not only support the logistics of your event, they add an elegant touch to help your guests find their way and enjoy the festivities.

Big spaces for little tikes

Planning something for the kids? The Greater Toronto Area is home to many great parks with ample room for social distancing. And while we acknowledge that keeping kids in their bubble and asking them not to touch or share items with their friends is easier said than done, a park venue provides a substantially lower risk for transmission of viruses. 

Plus, it gives you the opportunity to be creative in your decor. Or, skip it entirely and let nature be your backdrop. Another bonus, with lots of room to move around, they’ll be tuckered out in no time.

Even with outdoor activities, the use of a face mask is encouraged since it further reduces the risk of transmission and provides added protection for those moments when you and your guests unexpectedly get within six feet of one another.

Going virtual 

Now hear us out on this one. We know that people are just about Zoomed-out, but the reality is that some celebrations will have to be online — whether due to logistical challenges or simply the weather. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun and creativity in your planning.

Many vendors have adapted their service offering to be able to provide elevated and immersive experiences, such as wine tasting events. With this type of event, participants receive their wine samples ahead of time, then meet online to enjoy them together — an experience curated and delivered by professionals. Wine not your thing? How about a virtual cooking class where participants receive their ingredients ahead of time and cook in real-time together (virtually)? 

These are just some idea starters to get you planning outside the box. Of course, the situation is evolving day by day and we encourage planners to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest information and instructions from Health Canada.