The top auto industry blogs for the everyday car buff

Whether you’re an auto industry aficionado, or simply appreciate smooth design lines, powerful torque, and elegant handling — there is an automotive blog for you. 

As a valet parking company offering valet parking in Toronto, we too are car enthusiasts and love to work with clients who appreciate their vehicles. From everyday to exotic, we pride ourselves in understanding our clients’ vehicles and taking care when we valet their vehicles at events, restaurants, shopping centres, and other gatherings. 

But enough about us. We’ve curated the top auto industry blogs of 2020 for our fellow car buffs:

    1. Hooniverse
      As they say, Hooniverse is a house of auto awesomeness, and it has a little something for everyone. This site has news and reviews for both new and classic vehicles. And, if you can’t get enough, check out their podcast and YouTube channel.
    2. Speedhunters
      For those with a flare for the international, Speedhunters has content from photographers, writers, and drivers who are passionate about car culture.
    3. The Humble Mechanic
      Created by a former Volkswagen technician, The Humble Mechanic is a  blog designed to share a little wisdom and content with automotive professionals and weekend enthusiasts.
    4. Motor Trend Magazine
      Less visually appealing than the others, but unmistakably popular, Motor Trend Magazine is the world’s self-proclaimed automotive authority, providing an extensive car, truck, and SUV buyer’s guide.
    5. Motor Verso
      Focused on luxury cars, something near and dear to Gatsby Valet, Motor Verso also profiles unique, limited edition vehicles. It’s also a great go-to for reviews on cars, products, and accessories.

We hope that you enjoy diving into this elite list of the top automotive blogs for 2020.