5 reasons to get an electric vehicle

Electric vehicles may seem like a modern-day invention, but they were in fact first developed over 100 years ago — as far back as the mid-1800s.

Unfortunately for EVs, gasoline vehicles were introduced around the same time and the birth of Henry Ford’s Model T became the catalyst for their initial downfall. 

Fast-forward to 2020 and electric vehicles are seeing a resurgence. Arguably made popular once again by Tesla, there are more than a few reasons to make the switch from gas or diesel to electric. 

Reason #1 — Less expensive to run

The average cost to charge an EV is about a third of the cost per kilometer as gasoline for the same vehicle. 

To get a sense of the potential savings, try out this Fuel Cost Savings Calculator. Then, plan your route using this map of charging stations across the country.   

Reason #2 — Lower maintenance costs

The battery in an EV has far fewer parts than a typical vehicle. Servicing requirements are minimal and they don’t have the pricey exhaust systems, motors, radiators, and other costly parts that eventually need repair or replacement.

That said, batteries will wear out eventually, but most manufacturers offer an 8-year warranty.

Reason #3 — No emissions. Substantial benefits.
An EV has zero exhaust emissions, which means that it is far better for the environment than gasoline and diesel cars.

Less pollution not only benefits our environment, it gives us cleaner air to breath which supports better overall health. And, as quieter vehicles, EVs reduce noise pollution. 

Reason #4 — Energy that keeps on giving
EV owners that use renewable energy to charge their electric vehicles are reducing their greenhouse gas emissions even further. An example of this would be to charge through a solar system. 

Reason #5 — Fun to drive!
An electric vehicle offers a driving experience unlike what we’ve become accustomed to. They deliver instant torque that moves the car instantly with smooth acceleration and deceleration. And with a lower centre of gravity, EVs have better handling and responsiveness — something that every driving enthusiast craves.  

Simple, strong, and sophisticated — at GATSBY VALET, we love it when our clients and guests entrust their electric vehicles to us.

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