EVs: A sneak peek at the next generation Prius

While we usually focus on Toronto valet parking services, today we are amped-up over the announcement of a potential all-electric Prius.

You likely know the Toyota Prius as one of the veterans of hybrid vehicles. Dating back 20 years, the Prius was the first-ever mainstream hybrid vehicle. Now nearly all automakers offer a hybrid model, and some battery electric vehicles (EVs).

Currently in the works is the 5th generation of the Prius. Although it’s release date isn’t known, there is speculation that it could go all-electric. Or at the very least, offer it as an option with the PHEV powertrain as a default. This could be a game-changer for standard hybrids.

And forget about that boring exterior. The new Prius is likely to have a more aggressive, futuristic look that’ll turn heads — something that we are valet drivers are excited about. Seeing these types of machines up close and having the pleasure to drive them daily is what makes our jobs offering valet services so exciting. We are even more anxious to see the LQ electric concept car on the streets. With Level 4 autonomous driving technology and an automated valet parking function, it would be an awesome addition to Toyota’s lineup.

We are energized to see the race among automakers to produce more efficient, environmentally friendly, and sophisticatedly designed vehicles. Technology in automotive has never before been so exciting, and we can’t wait for the unveiling of the new generation of the Prius, and its competitors. 

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