Why valet is the future of urban parking

In urban spaces, valet parking is at a premium. Even more so with every parking lot that gets turned into a condo. 

Traditionally seen as a nice-to-have or luxury experience, valet parking is becoming increasingly utilitarian — a necessity for maximizing available parking in dense areas. Secondarily, it is also a means through which to reduce the time spent searching for parking and improving the overall visitor experience. 

When you look at the number of available parking spaces in the city of Toronto (just 59,000 operated by the Toronto Parking Authority) and the average number of vehicles per household (1.5), it’s easy to understand why parking is at a premium. 

Before self-driving cars become the norm, cities will require smarter parking management — something best left to professional valet service providers like Gatsby Valet. Professional valets not only make the experience of arrival and departure better, no matter the venue, they also offer critical services like strategic parking management. And with fewer spaces available each year, this is a skill set that is also at a premium. 

Valet parking chauffeur
Valet parking chauffeur waiting to serve you better

Professional valet service providers have relationships with parking lot owners and operators across the city, allowing for a diverse network of parking space options. Venues of all kinds outsource their parking management to valet service providers who understand the complexity of parking solutions and have the workforce and network required to facilitate seamless visitor arrival and departure. 

Known for driving stellar first impressions curb-side, Gatsby Valet manages complex parking challenges for both private and public spaces. Established in 2004, they’re experts at vehicle and parking management and ensure that their efficiency does not come at the cost of a superior guest experience. 

Look for Gatsby at locations across the Greater Toronto Area.