What do self-parking cars mean for the future of valet parking?

At Gatsby Valet, we’ve never been more excited about the future of driving and parking technology. Since launching our valet parking company in Toronto over 16 years ago, we’ve been behind the wheel (so-to-speak) of changes in the way vehicles operate and drivers’ interaction with their vehicle and surrounding environment. 


Future-ready technology

One such innovation is the upcoming remote self-parking capabilities of some new model vehicles about to hit the market. While parking-assist technology is already widespread, a new ‘future-ready’ parking technology pioneered and promoted by Mercedes-Benz will allow drivers to exit their vehicles and with one tap on their smartphone, remotely park it without having to be behind the wheel. 


Wondering what that will look like? Us too. We had a bit of a chuckle over the tongue-and-cheek video advertisement produced by Mercedes-Benz titled Valet Guys. In this retro-inspired video, care-free valet drivers are seen driving and parking guest vehicles recklessly — a satirical nod to the misconception that many valet drivers mistreat the cars in their care. The fun comes to a halt when the valet drivers realize that a new ‘sci-fi’ technology is coming — one that puts the power of easy parking back in the hands of valet guests.   

While the valet drivers in this video behave unprofessionally — something that we do not allow for among our valet teams — and the technology isn’t yet legally permitted on roadways and within parking structures, we do find this video to be an interesting commentary on the impacts of new technology on an industry rooted in tradition. This technology is undoubtedly coming — and fast. And we at Gatsby Valet plan to remain agile in order to adapt to our evolving guest needs. 


Together with Parkenda — another West Egg Group company — we plan to offer integrated valet parking solutions that complement and enhance the evolving driving experience. With Parkenda’s proprietary technology, we will be able to accept and accommodate this new era of self-parking cars and weave valet parking technology in with lot management, payment gateways, and so on.


We’re excited to have a front seat to changes in the industry and will continue to welcome all kinds of vehicles — and their technology — into our valet bays. Look for Parkenda at a valet location near you and tell us what you think about the way we’re transforming the valet experience one guest at a time.