What vehicle 'vision' means for automated valet

Automated vehicles are undoubtedly going to become a part of our (not-so-distant) future. We’re already seeing innovative new technology that allows for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that are being widely embraced by drivers.

In order to offer safe and reliable ADAS, vehicles must see their surroundings. This virtual vision means that the vehicle can accurately monitor its surroundings and maneuver in accordance with the direction being given and the obstacles in the way.

The demand for auto-valet systems
While new vehicles have a number of vision-based safety systems integrated with their technology, one seems to be standing out among new vehicle buyers — auto-valet.

The increasing demand for auto-valet is largely fuelled by its ability to solve a common parking issue. Many drivers feel anxious about parking their vehicles, particularly in urban settings, and many will often avoid activities that require them to park their vehicle.

Auto-valet is about peace of mind and convenience. It allows drivers to feel in control by empowering them with expert street, parking lot, and parallel parking functionality powered by machine learning. In essence, they take the stress out of parking.

Reasons people hate self-parking:

  • Anxiety over finding available space
  • Tight parking lots
  • Parallel parking
  • Driving larger vehicles that make parking more challenging
  • The hassle and overall negative experience of parking


What does auto-valet mean for valet parking? 

At Gatsby Valet, we’re excited to see new driving technology and embrace the change it means for the valet parking service industry.

While the automated vehicles of the future will be able to drop passengers off at their destination and proceed to self-park while unmanned, the vehicles of today require passengers to remain in their vehicles during the parking process. For many, valet parking is about more than just having someone else find a spot for their car. It’s an experience. For those guests, we are pleased to offer the Gatsby Valet experience — one that begins curbside and complements the guest experience with innovation of its own. We manage our valet operations with precision technology that monitors the location and status of guest vehicles and offers mobile vehicle recall, tracking, and driver tipping functionality.

As automated vehicles become more commonplace, Gatsby will adapt to support the changing guest and vehicle needs. We anticipate a greater focus on the curbside experience (an area we currently excel at) whereby guests will be treated to an elevated ingress and egress experience, regardless of who (a valet driver), or what (auto-valet) parks their vehicle.