2035: The year of extinction for gas-powered cars in Canada

Electric vehicles aren’t only cool, they’re also going to become the norm in Canada — and sooner than you may think. 

Recently, the government announced that a ban will come into effect by 2035 prohibiting the sale of cars and trucks that are not zero-emission. This date is five years ahead of their original commitment to meet net-zero emissions by the year 2050. To meet this target, the economy must adapt by either completely eliminating greenhouse gases or offset emissions by capturing carbon before it is released into the air. 

In the world of electric vehicles (EVs), this announcement is huge. Car manufacturers have already begun to shift their operations towards EVs, but on the heels of this announcement, they’re no doubt putting their plans into high-gear to prepare for the increased demand.

The push towards electric vehicles is to help address climate change seen around the world as well as at home here in the Greater Toronto Area. The greenhouse gasses omitted through the operation of gas-powered vehicles contributes greatly to the issue of climate change — a real and worrisome threat facing all of us. 

What does this mean for you? Your next car is more than likely going to be fully electric. When shopping for a vehicle, keep in mind that as of 2035, all new cars and trucks sold must be zero-emission. 

As car manufacturing shifts its focus to EVs, you may find that things like parts and service for gas-powered vehicles become more difficult to source and potentially more costly. And if you’re trying to resell a gas-powered vehicle close to the 2035 deadline, your vehicle’s resale value may be impacted. 

It’s time to start thinking about making the switch.

The benefits of owning an electric vehicle: An overview

#1: They’re less expensive to run

The average cost to charge an EV is about a third of the cost per kilometer as gasoline for the same vehicle. 

To get a sense of the potential savings, try out this Fuel Cost Savings Calculator. Then, plan your route using this map of charging stations across the country.   


#2: You’ll enjoy lower maintenance costs

The battery in an EV has far fewer parts than a typical vehicle. Servicing requirements are minimal and they don’t have the pricey exhaust systems, motors, radiators, and other costly parts that eventually need repair or replacement.


That said, batteries will wear out eventually, but most manufacturers offer an 8-year warranty.

#3: You’ll be bettering the environment
An EV has zero exhaust emissions, which means that it is far better for the environment than gasoline and diesel cars.


Less pollution not only benefits our environment, it gives us cleaner air to breathe which supports better overall health. And, as quieter vehicles, EVs reduce noise pollution. 


#4: It’s energy that keeps on giving
EV owners that use renewable energy to charge their electric vehicles are reducing their greenhouse gas emissions even further. An example of this would be to charge through a solar system. 


#5: They’re super fun to drive
An electric vehicle offers a driving experience unlike what we’ve become accustomed to. They deliver instant torque that moves the car instantly with smooth acceleration and deceleration. And with a lower centre of gravity, EVs have better handling and responsiveness — something that every driving enthusiast craves. 

At Gatsby Valet, we’re excited about this announcement and move to more sustainable and environmentally responsible practices. And, as a valet service provider, we love seeing our guests arrive in the various new models of EVs. It’s always great to see (and drive!) progress in the industry.