Winter driving tips for the road warrior

Before you hit the road this winter, weather by driving your own car or hiring Toronto valet parking services. Take a minute to prep yourself, and your ride, for safe winter driving with these tips:

Winter Driving Tip #1 – Winter tires

We can’t stress this enough. Switching to winter tires once the temperature falls below 7 degrees celsius makes for a safer drive. You’ll reduce the time and space it takes you to stop on cold or snow-covered surfaces, and you’ll improve your handling in icing conditions. Plus, you save on insurance when you use winter tires.

Winter Driving Tip #2 – Invest in a good car brush

You’re going to need it. While your car is warming up, use the brush to clear snow from all of the windows — and don’t forget the hood and roof. As soon as you start driving, snow or ice can dislodge from these surfaces, causing reduced visibility and even the potential for damage to other vehicles as they fly off. 

Safe driving during the winter season.
Safe winter driving tips

Winter Driving Tip #3 – Go slow and steady

Adjust your driving conditions to reflect the conditions of the road. Slow down and give other drivers more space to stop and maneuver. And, be sure to watch for pedestrians, giving yourself more time to stop at intersections and crosswalks.

Winter Driving Tip #4 – Learn to control a skidding vehicle

If your vehicle begins to skid, turn into the skid and accelerate. Doing so transfers your vehicle’s weight from the front to the rear and often helps vehicles to regain control.

Winter Driving Tip #5 – No need to pump the brakes

In vehicles with anti-lock braking systems, you do not need to pump the breaks to regain control. Simply brake normally and allow the system to do as it was designed. 

Driving in a winter wonderland doesn’t have to be stressful. Take your time and take the necessary precautions. Then, enjoy the drive!