Valet Key Performance Indicator Guide

Internal Metrics

Through quality assurance spot checks by the client or Gatsby management.


Category 1: Curb Presence
  1. On a personal smartphone while at the post
  2. Not at designated post
  3. Poor body language (while at the post or not at the post)
  4. Poor demeanor
  5. Failed the 3-second rule
  6. Food or drinks visible from the curb
  7. Poor equipment positioning  
  8. Friend loitering at post
Category 2: Uniform
  1. Not in full complete uniform (See uniform policy guide)
  2. Poor uniform quality
  3. Improperly worn uniform
  4. Uniformity among staff not achieved  
Category 3: Operations
  1. Vehicles not tagged in the parking lot
  2. Key box not fully locked
  3. Booth or podium not organized/tidy
  4. Keys not inside key box
  5. Guest Vehicles not parked in the designated parking area
  6. Employee vehicle not parked in the designated parking area
  7. Doors of guest vehicles not locked  

External Metrics

Through complaints brought forth by guest, bystander, or employee of contract location


Category 1: Vehicle-Related
  1. Speeding
  2. Careless driving/on phone while driving
  3. Music playing loud
  4. Revving engine at idle
  5. Stalling vehicle
  6. Excessive clutch use
  7. Stereo/seat/headlight presets adjusted
  8. Vehicle dirty interior
  9. Vehicle dirty exterior
  10. Foul odor in the vehicle (cigarette or body odor)
  11. Passenger present inside of the guest vehicle
  12. Theft of item inside vehicle
  13. Damage to the body of the vehicle
  14. Damage to wear & tear vehicle part (Tires, clutches, window motors, etc)
  15. Vehicle will not start (headlights left on)
  16. Keys locked inside of the guest vehicle
Category 2: Behaviour / Environment Related
  1. Poor attitude / rude to the guest
  2. Friend loitering at post
  3. Smell of marijuana at post
  4. Profane language heard
  5. Unprofessional conduct while at post
Category 3: Service Procedure Related
  1. Excessive wait times on arrival
  2. Excessive wait times on departure
  3. Staff not at designated post
  4. Operations not open at the scheduled time
  5. Operations closed earlier then scheduled time
  6. Guest turned away during lot shutdown
  7. Keys lost/misplaced
  8. Not following specific SOP guideline brought forth by client