Top 10 Ways of Increasing the Chance of Receiving a Tip

  1. Introduce yourself to guests upon arrival when handing valet ticket
      • “Hi welcome to (Location Name), my name is (_________) and I’ll be your valet this morning/afternoon/evening”
  2. If a female passenger is present open the door and place a hand out to help them out of the vehicle.
  3. Check the drivers’ side rear seat for a suit jacket on a hangar, if present ask the guest if he would like you to get it if so get it and begin to place it on the guest.
  4. If you notice a guest taking out items from the car immediately offer assistance
  5. Show visible effort and hustle
  6. Smile often and demonstrate positive body language
  7. Aim for 3-5 minute take backs which includes hustling to the vehicle when given a key
  8. Hand key fob to the guest when returning their vehicle as opposed to leaving it in the cupholder
  9. Ensure you focus on getting the door for the female passenger when returning the vehicle followed by closing the door for the driver
  10. Wish all guests a great day/evening as they enter the vehicle before you close day, the pleasantries remind guests that a gratuity will be appreciated