Standby Driver Policy


The West Egg Group requires a Standby employee each day of the week to be available to work at any location within Ontario that experiences a shortage of workers last minute (ie. sick call). This policy outlines the standby role and the expectations of the Company and what the employee can also expect of the Company.


The Standby is required to report to the “standby home location” outlined in the Standby Shift on the company’s scheduling software (Humanity). The start time will also be posted in the shift. 


In the event, that the standby driver is not required at another location other than the “Standby home location” with work for 4 hours and then leave for the day at the end of the 4 hours. 

A standby that is required at either the “standby home location” or another Company location due to a shortage of workers that day is required to work until the end time listed on the “Standby Shift”.

Travel Compensation 

In the event that the Standby is required to report to another location the company will compensate the employee travel as follows:

If the employee drove their own vehicle to work then the Company will compensate the employee $0.35 per kilometer from the “standby home location” to the location that they are covering. The employee will not be compensated for kilometers to travel home from the location being covered. 

If the employee used public transportation then the Company will Uber the employee from the “standby home location” to the new location they are covering. The employee is then responsible for finding their own way home from the location they covered. 

**Please note that the Company will NOT cover the costs of using any toll routes for employees that use their own vehicle for transportation.