Human Rights Policy


The West Egg Group is committed to providing equal treatment with respect to employment according to the protected grounds established under the Ontario Human Rights Code. The West Egg Group has adopted this policy to ensure that our employees are provided with meaningful employment that is ethical and fair and is in compliance with all applicable employment, and human rights legislation. 


Discrimination: any form of unequal treatment based on a Code ground, whether imposing extra burdens or denying benefits. It may be intentional or unintentional. It may involve direct actions that are discriminatory on their face, or it may involve rules, practices or procedures that appear neutral, but have the effect of disadvantaging certain groups of people. Discrimination may take obvious forms, or it may occur in very subtle ways. In any case, even if there are many factors affecting a decision or action, if discrimination is one factor, that is a violation of this Policy. 


Our Human Rights Policy is in place to ensure we provide a working environment for all employees that fosters openness and tolerance. This policy is intended to ensure that The West Egg Group’s practices and the practices of all our employees are free from direct and indirect discrimination. Under the Human Rights Code, employers have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring a healthy and inclusive work environment, including preventing and addressing discrimination and harassment. 

Prohibited Grounds of Discrimination

The following is a list of the prohibited grounds of discrimination in Ontario:

  • Age
  • Ancestry
  • Citizenship
  • Colour
  • Creed
  • Disability (mental or physical)
  • Ethnic origin
  • Family status
  • Gender expression
  • Gender identity
  • Marital status
  • Place of origin
  • Race/colour
  • Record of offences
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation
Accessibility in Employment

The West Egg Group is committed to providing accessibility across all stages of the employment cycle, by removing barriers and creating a workplace that is accessible to all job candidates and employees. Any applicant to The West Egg Group that communicates the need for accommodation shall be considered in a manner that is non-discriminatory, and respectful of our human rights obligations. 


The West Egg Group will support the accommodation of employees and job applicants who require workplace accommodation under any of the grounds described in the Human Rights Code. We will work to achieve a workplace free of barriers by providing accommodation for the needs of those individuals covered by the Code, up to the point where it causes undue hardship for The West Egg Group. Every effort will be made such that the impact of accommodation will not discriminate against another group protected by the Code. 

The West Egg Group shall provide accommodation as appropriate, using a consultative approach that involves the company, the individual, and as appropriate, and other third parties that are required to assist in the accommodation process. The West Egg Group will work with the individual that requests an accommodation in an effort to ensure that the measures taken are both effective and mutually agreeable. The West Egg Group encourages individuals to make any needs for an accommodation known to their immediate supervisor and to work with them in addressing the issue.

Accommodation may be temporary, or permanent, based on the requirements of the individual. 

Accommodation Plans

Any employee requesting an accommodation must make a request to their manager or immediate supervisor. The manager is responsible for ensuring that a written description of the accommodation plan is prepared for any employee. 

The West Egg Group shall create an accommodation plan and attempt to determine methods of achieving the requirements for success in the position in alternative manners. 

In the creation of an accommodation plan, The West Egg Group shall:

  1. Identify the need for accommodation.
  2. Determine objectives for performance in the role, and potential barriers.
  3. Create a plan for achieving the objectives in an alternative manner.
  4. Examine the options for accommodation, and select the most appropriate avenue for accommodation.
  5. Implement the accommodation process.
  6. Provide training as appropriate.
  7. Review and revise based on feedback.
Job Redesign

In the event that the accommodation requires a substantial change in the position, involving duties or hours, the position may be redesigned.


In the event that the employee requesting accommodation feels that their needs have not been met in a reasonable manner, they may file a written complaint. The complaint must be submitted to the Human Resource department via email at

Religious Accommodation

The West Egg Group is committed to respecting the religious beliefs and practices of all employees. The West Egg Group will strive to accommodate employees who must be absent from work for all or part of a regularly scheduled working day due to a bona fide religious obligation.

The West Egg Group employees who require religious accommodation are directed to provide as much advance notice as is possible, and we will strive to provide the required time off through the normal scheduling of work. 

Dress Code

The West Egg Group shall strive to allow for religious accommodation where the accommodation does not conflict with established Health and Safety Policies, or where the work uniforms can be modified easily to permit the person concerned to wear the required item(s) of clothing. Clothing or gear with a health or safety rationale may constitute a reasonable occupational requirement.

Break Policy

The West Egg Group recognizes that some religions require the observation of prayer periods at specific times. While this requirement may create a conflict with standard hours of operations, The West Egg Group shall work to accommodate the employee’s needs, short of undue hardship. Where possible, The West Egg Group shall allow for a modified schedule for breaks.

Inability to Accommodate

In the event an employee cannot be accommodated in their current position it will be reasonable to accommodate an individual in another position. Management will attempt to place the employee in another available position. This may require the assistance of third parties with specialized expertise.

Where an employee is placed in an alternate position, The West Egg Group shall ensure that the employee:

  • Has the requisite qualifications and skill-sets necessary for success in the position;
  • Is capable of performing the tasks associated with the position; and 
  • Agrees that the alternate work is acceptable. 

In the event that the employee requesting accommodation feels that their needs have not been met in a reasonable manner, they may file a written complaint to management.

Undue Hardship 

The West Egg Group shall work to provide workplace accommodation up to the point of undue hardship. Undue hardship may occur where all options have been considered and it is established that no forms of appropriate accommodation exist, or where the creation of accommodation would cause excessive costs that create an undue hardship for the organization, or where the accommodation would create a health and safety hazard.

Where the provision of accommodation is found to cause undue hardship on the organization, Gatsby Valet shall work to find a fair and equitable compromise that meets the needs of the employee and the organization to the greatest extent possible.

Reporting a Human Rights Issue

While The West Egg Group will ensure to adhere to following the Human Rights Code in all of its practices, it is essential that employees adhere to the Code as well. In the event that any employee feels they are being discriminated against or that the company is in violation of the Code, they may make a written complaint to Silvia Santos, Human Resources Manager. The written complaint must include the following information:

  • The date and time of each incident you wish to report;
  • The name of the person(s) involved in the incident(s);
  • The name of any person or persons who witnessed the incident(s); and
  • A full description of what occurred. 

Once a written complaint has been received, The West Egg Group will complete a thorough investigation. If it is determined discrimination (or another violation of the Code) has occurred, appropriate disciplinary measures will be taken immediately. 


All records of direct and indirect discrimination and harassment reports filed, and subsequent investigations are considered confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone except to the extent required by law. 

False or Frivolous Complaints

It is important to realize that unfounded/frivolous allegations of discrimination may cause both the accused person and the company significant damage. If it is determined by the company that any employee has knowingly made false statements regarding an allegation of discrimination, immediate disciplinary action will be taken. As with any case of dishonesty, disciplinary action may include immediate dismissal without further notice.