Employee Raise Policy

**Please Note: that The West Egg Group Corp. has implemented a raise freeze as of March 16th, 2020 until further notice. This has been deemed necessary in response to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic.

Employees are reviewed annually on the anniversary month of when they were hired to see if they meet the minimum raise requirements.

In order to qualify for a raise the employee must meet the following criteria:

A minimum of 16 hrs worked per week averaged over the course of 50 weeks.  (Total hours worked/ # of weeks per year (50) = average hours worked.)

  • No suspensions received for the previous 52 weeks
  • Not appearing on the top 20 late list for 2 or more months 

If an employee meets the eligibility criteria the following steps are taken:

  • A review of all accountability forms submitted towards the employee in question
  • A review of all recognition forms submitted
  • A review of all top 20 lists the employee was part of

In addition to the review above a survey is sent to 3 senior management members and/or supervisors that worked closely with the employee in question to rate the employee on a number of criteria.  

A numerical score will be produced after finding the weighted average of the 3 reviews.  Raises will be generated with a formula that utilizes the total of hrs worked for the given year, as well as the weighted score number generated from the survey results. 

Year 1 Max Performance-Based Raise = $0.75/hr (Full-Time Employees)

Year 1 Max Performance-Based Raise = $0.37/hr (Part-Time Employees)

Year 2+ Max Performance-Based Raise = $0.50/hr (Full-Time Employees)

Year 2+ Max Performance-Based Raise = $0.25/hr (Part-Time Employees)

*Maximum lifetime raise is $3.00/hr for all none supervisor/managerial roles