Code of Conduct


The West Egg Group is committed to providing a safe, healthy workplace that promotes a high level of job satisfaction and a respectful work environment. We believe that it is a shared responsibility of all employees to work towards the constant improvement of our workplace. To assist the organization in maintaining an exemplary work environment, we require that all employees of The West Egg Group conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner, at all times.


To preserve the core values and business principles that our organization is founded upon, we have compiled a list of unacceptable behavioural actions that have been classified as either:

1. Hazardous to employee safety;
2. Criminal;
3. A negative influence on workplace morale; or
4. Detrimental to the success of our business.

The West Egg Group reserves the right to discipline and, in certain cases, terminate the employment of any employee for participating in any conduct that violates Gatsby Valet’s Global Code of Conduct standards and policies.

Unacceptable Actions/Behaviours

Unacceptable behaviors shall include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Causing physical harm to another person;
  • Threats or harassing behavior;
  • Wilful damage or destruction to employer property, or employee property;
  • Possession of a weapon while on employer premises, or while conducting business on behalf of the employer;
  • Disorderly, immoral, or indecent conduct;
  • Violation of health and safety practices, policies and procedures;
  • Theft, including physical and intellectual properties;
  • Insubordination;
  • Dishonest, illegal or improper business activities;
  • Job abandonment;
  • The use, possession, sale, manufacture or dispensation of any illegal drug, alcohol, or paraphernalia associated with either;
  • The use of alcohol or illicit narcotics off employer premises that adversely affects the employee’s work performance, the employee’s own safety or the safety of others at work, or the employer’s reputation in the community;
  • Failure to report to management the use of any prescribed drug which may alter the employee’s ability to safely perform his/her duties;
  • Arriving to work late without providing advance notice and/or without reasonable cause;
  • Failure to properly report an absence; and
  • Failure to meet stated goals, objectives and/or performance metrics required for a position.

Employees are expected to perform their job duties in a manner conducive to a safe workplace, following all employer practices, policies and procedures.

Disciplinary Actions

Our company may have to take disciplinary action against employees who repeatedly or intentionally fail to follow our code of conduct. Disciplinary actions will vary depending on the violation.
Possible consequences include:

  • Demotion.
  • Reprimand.
  • Suspension or termination.

We may take legal action in cases of corruption, theft, embezzlement or other unlawful behaviour.