Face Mask Policy

The West Egg Group Corp. is committed to the health and safety of its employees and as such has created this policy regarding the use of face masks in the workplace. This policy must be observed at all times when working in areas requiring face masks.

All employees, guests, and visitors of The West Egg Group Corp. must wear appropriate face masks when on-site at work locations when in enclosed areas (ie: Booths) and/or when 6 feet of physical distancing is not possible. Alternatively, employees may be required to wear masks if so mandated to The West Egg Group Corp. by the company client (third-party). 

Any masks The West Egg Group Corp. uses or provides must comply with the requirements under Ministry of Health and Ontario Public Health occupational health and safety legislation and the best practice advice of public health authorities.

Employer Responsibilities
The West Egg Group Corp. (choose: will or will not) provide appropriate masks to employees and will post signs at all entrances where customers/guests may visit informing members of the public about requirements and exemptions for wearing masks, in addition to any other safety measures.

The West Egg Group Corp. will train all employees on proper procedures for wearing masks, and inform employees of company procedure for customer interactions.

The West Egg Group Corp. will:

  • Provide masks to customers, suppliers, contractors, vendors, or visitors who arrive without one to enclosed service locations;
  • Make available to employees and the public alcohol-based hand sanitizer in the recommended concentration (at least 70%);
  • Not require members of the public to prove they are exempt from requirements to wear a mask; and
  • Deny entry to any customer or third party who becomes aggressive about the new requirement.

Employee Responsibilities
Employees must wear masks when providing services to our guests/customers and the public or in any area that is accessible to the public, including publicly accessible washrooms. 

The West Egg Group Corp. employees must behave respectfully towards all customers and not request that members of the public prove they are exempt from requirements to wear a mask. Not all exemptions are immediately visible, and employees should not make assumptions about whether a customer is exempt or not.

Mask Use
Employees should use masks appropriate to the kind of work they do and/or mandated by the Company’s client (ie: City of Toronto or third-party companies where The West Egg Group services are provided). For most employees, cloth masks or nonmedical masks provide appropriate protection. Cloth or nonmedical masks are not personal protective equipment (PPE) and should not substitute for any masks employees must wear as PPE. 

Likewise, face shields are not alternatives to masks, though they may be used in addition to masks for further protection.

Putting on masks
Before touching the mask, employees must wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or if water and soap is unavailable, sanitize hands with hand sanitizer.

Confirm the mask is facing the correct direction. Many cloth or nonmedical masks have only one correct orientation.

The mask should fit snugly to the face, covering the nose, mouth, and chin without gaps.

Wearing masks
While wearing a mask, employees must never touch their face.

Employees must not wear masks in a way that uncovers their nose.

Employees must not place masks on their forehead or under their chin. If a mask must be removed (such as during an eating period), employees must follow the proper procedure.

Removing masks
Before touching the mask, employees must wash their hands or sanitize their hands.

Immediately after removing the mask, employees should either dispose of it in the proper place (if the mask is disposable) or place it somewhere for washing before reuse (if the mask is reusable).

After removing and disposing of or storing the mask, employees must wash or sanitize their hands again.

Reusable masks should be stored and cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and requirements.