Operations Coordinator/Program Manager

The Operations Coordinator/Program Manager is responsible for the management, leadership and complete oversight of the support team in Toronto. This position is responsible for ensuring that all contract requirements and obligations are met along with all government legislation. 


The Operations Coordinator/Program Manager reports directly to the Sales and Operations Director and works alongside the rest of the Operations team. The position is the main point of contact for the particular contract and will work closely with the clients to understand their needs and challenges. 


Core Competencies and Values 

  • Professionalism and Accountability 
  • Networking and Relationship Building 
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation 
  • Ethics and Integrity 
  • Commitment and Reliability 
  • Leadership 
  • Enforcing Laws, Rules and Regulations 
  • Communication 
  • Coaching and Mentoring 
  • Problem Solving 
  • Teamwork 


Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Complete oversight of the assigned program; 
  • Attend and participate in company meetings, both operational and any other working group or committee within the organization deemed necessary; 
  • Ensures staff follows all directions given, and instructions, policies and procedures outlined in the position specific job duties and responsibilities document; 
  • Meets monthly, or at other times as required by the client to review issues, recommendations, problems, concerns, and changing requirements; 
  • Responsible for the development of staff schedules to ensure the provision of sufficient, qualified, properly trained/certified personnel to perform the required services; At the request of the client, makes the necessary arrangement for the implementation of any additional resources to accommodate ad-hoc, emergency or enhanced measure requirements;
  • Plans, coordinates and monitors all day-to-day activities in collaboration with the team and responds to, investigates and resolves operational issues; 
  • Ensures SOPs are developed and maintained and always remain current and are reviewed and understood by all staff on site; 
  • Ensures standardized, formal processes and procedures to: 

Track the performance of weekly site inspections, employees and equipment; Ensure the scheduling and completion of the required field training for all staff prior to being assigned duties; 

Collaborate with HR to maintain records of complaints, problems, incidents, events and disciplinary, operational or administrative actions taken; 

Ensure all established client reporting requirements are completed on-time; Maintain an Inventory Control Program of company and client issued inventory and equipment; 

  • Monitors and enforces all designated safety, security and operational procedures and regulations applicable; 
  • Participates in the development and delivery of guard training & certification programs (initial and annual recurrent) to ensure training is reflective of contractual requirements; Provides coaching, support, guidance and advice to all staff; 
  • Foster and maintain collaborative working relationship/partnership with representatives and key stakeholder groups which interact with the team; 
  • Collaborate in monitoring, auditing, tracking, recording and reporting service delivery performance/quality assurance against established Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s); Continually assess the operation, perform gap analysis; 
  • Identify trends or root causes of operational and performance problems; investigates service level deficiencies and develop and implement appropriate corrective action plan; Ensures compliance with all company and client policies, standards, contractual obligations as well as government regulations; 
  • Ensures employees meet all requirements of the company’s policies, procedures and bylaws for personnel and enforces all rules, policies and procedures in a fair and impartial manner; Investigates all problems, complaints, incidents, events and deficiencies and submit a written report of all findings to the Operations Director and implements appropriate corrective action; Participates in the maintenance of the Quality Assurance (QA) System; 
  • Make recommendations for improvement that will increase the effectiveness or benefit the service delivery to our client; 
  • Ensures SOP procedures are followed and submit Accountability reports for all incidents, complaints or deficiencies discovered that affect the delivery of services to client; Responsible for recruitment of staffing requirements to meet contract and program obligations; Perform candidate screening, interviews and subsequent job offer of qualified candidates;
  • Communicate rejection of unqualified candidates; 
  • Participates in HR and Administrative functions such as discipline, training and skills development, coaching/mentoring and performance assessment and evaluation; Promotes a culture of continuous improvement and innovation which leverages technology and best practices and new ideas and initiatives to improve services/processes. 
  • Performs other duties as required. 


Education and Experience 

  • 3+ years of demonstrated experience as a Management Representative in other large public facilities similar in size and scope of work involved; 
  • Knowledge of the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act., including all applicable regulations and guidelines pertaining to working as a Security Guard in the Province of Ontario; Proof of a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation; 
  • Excellent knowledge/understanding of operations and procedures; situational awareness techniques etc. 
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of client contractual obligations, requirements and customer expectations; 
  • Graduate from a recognized community college preferred;
  • Demonstrated experience in coaching and motivating staff.