Valet services in Toronto: What to look for

As a major metropolis, Toronto valet parking services are easily found — but some vendors are better than others. 

Here’s what you need to know and who you need to look for when planning an event or heading out for a night on the town. 


Valet services for businesses: restaurants, retail, and more

Many high-end restaurants, retail stores, and boutiques offer their clientele access to valet services. Often, these services are complementary with a purchase or simply by being a preferred client. 


When you arrive at these locations, you’ll see a sign indicating that valet is available. This means that staff are on standby to greet you curbside and to park your vehicle for you, saving you time and the frustration of finding a spot in a busy urban centre. 


Most elite locations do their due diligence when sourcing a valet services provider, ensuring that they echo the same level of hospitality and customer service that their brand delivers to clients. That’s why you’ll see Gatsby Valet at top locations city-wide. We understand the guest experience and continue to go above and beyond for our clients, their customers, and guests.


Top brands choose Gatsby Valet services in Toronto because we are tenured, professional, and our teams consistently deliver a better guest experience.


We’re proud to have on-site teams that:

  • Act as an extension of the clients’ brand
  • Add value to the overall guest experience
  • Not only address, but anticipate guests’ needs
  • Build professional relationships with clients based on trust and respect
  • Work efficiently and professionally
  • Help to solve client and guest challenges related to the arrival and departure experience, allowing for the brand/location to truly shine

Valet services for patrons/the public

As a user of valet parking services, you want to be sure that you’re entrusting your vehicle and personal belongings with a vendor who is trustworthy, acts professionally, and takes accountability for the complete valet services experience. 


While there are several businesses offering valet parking services across the Greater Toronto Area, only one has the reputation and drive to ensure that your experience is top notch. 


Operating within Toronto for over 16 years, Gatsby Valet is the name you can trust in valet parking across the city. You’ve likely seen our valet bays at shopping centres, retail boutiques, healthcare facilities, hotels, condominiums, and more. 


When you see the Gatsby name or emblem, you know that you’re entrusting your vehicle to a team that:

  • Values your business
  • Respects your vehicle and personal belongings
  • Ensure the safe movement and storage of your vehicle
  • Retrieves your vehicle is a timely manner 
  • Is personable and professional
  • Goes above and beyond to ensure that you are pleased with your experience


While we focus heavily on providing an elevated curbside experience for guests, benefits of our valet services also include:

  • Saving you time — Don’t waste time looking for a parking spot 
  • Saving you money — Hurried parking often results in illegal parking practices, failure to deposit the correct amount (resulting in a ticket), or overpaying at lots that price gouge due to demand  
  • Protecting your vehicle — we park your vehicle safely, in secure lots, and have insurance to cover and unexpected incidents


Whether you are an individual looking to enhance the quality of your outing with the convenience and prestige of valet parking services, or you are a business that desires a complement to your guest experience, Gatsby Valet is the industry’s trusted name in valet services in the Greater Toronto Area.  


Learn more about the variety of services available, and contact us to elevate your experience.