Long weekend driving tips

In-person gatherings are finally becoming more commonplace as we emerge from the restrictions of the pandemic. This likely means that many of you are gearing up for friend and family get-togethers, whether they be across town or across the country.


If you’re preparing to pack up the car and head out to see loved ones, here are a few quick tips you can take with you on the road.


Tip #1
Get gas before the long weekend/holiday

In the day or so leading up to a long weekend or holiday, gas prices often surge in anticipation of demand. Try to anticipate your need to gas-up ahead of time to save a few dollars at the pumps. Have an electric vehicle (EV)? Be sure to charge your vehicle fully and plot your route with respect to recharging stations along the way to your destination.  


Tip #2
Ensure that your car is road-ready

Windshield washer fluid topped up? Tire pressure checked? Overdue for an oil change? Ensure that your vehicle’s basic maintenance needs are met before heading out so that you don’t encounter an unwanted surprise mid-trip. 


Tip #3
Be aware of local rules and regulations

If you’re travelling out of province, be sure that you are aware of their current COVID-19 restrictions with respect to entry and movement within the province. Note that these continue to change and that your plans could be impacted.

Tip #4
Pack your patience

If you’re hitting the road to see friends or family, it’s likely that many other people are as well. Expect delays and plan for the possibility of needing an alternate route, should traffic become an issue. 


Tip #5
Drive safely

Always treat driving seriously. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety of yourself, your passengers, and others using the roadways by driving alert, free from intoxication or substances, and in accordance with the law. 


Heading into this long weekend, and with the holidays fast approaching, it’s important to plan your road trips to ensure that they’re efficient, fun, and get you to where you’re going so that you can enjoy some quality time with friends and family. 


At our Toronto valet parking company, we love a good long weekend and holiday drive. Watch for us out on the roadways and give a wave if you see us.

Drive safely!