Gatsby is passionate about providing exceptional experience to your patients, visitors, and employees — right from the moment they arrive at your hospital. Our team is focused on empathy and patient care, and adhering to healthcare regulation.

Valet Ambassador & Greeter Program

Patients and visitors arriving at a hospital are often overwhelmed and confused. A warm greeting curbside providing valet parking, way finding, and empathy is a service that extends beyond the front doors. Parking can define a hospital experience - and we take pride in transforming this often daunting task into an exceptional experience.


Additional Curbside Services


Mobility Management

We can retrieve a mobility scooter, walker, cane or specialized wheelchair for guests as they arrive.


Wayfinding & On-site Directions

Many patients and guests feel lost when visiting a hospital. We provide them with direction before they’ve left their vehicle.


Patient & Guest Escort

Offering a helping hand from the moment they leave their car through to the waiting room.


Companionship Program

Visiting the hospital can be a lonely experience. We are the warm greeting and support that makes all the difference.

Parking Maximization Jockey Program

Our car jockey program maximizes your current space using tandem or relocation systems, giving you peace of mind when your parking lot is near capacity.

Our program can offer the following benefits:


Increase parking lot capacity by 25%



Stress free parking solution saving patients time from searching endlessly



Flexible staff parking solution for seasonal peaks

Additional Services

Shuttle & Transportation Services

A comprehensive shuttle or “house car” program can be implemented on-site to assist with patient care from their front door to yours. Our sister company, Carraway, specializes in various shuttle and transport programs including specialty accessible vehicles.

Traffic Direction Services

Through years of experiences servicing large facility parking centres (hospitals, shopping malls, convention centres), Carraway can provide traffic management, marshalling and directional parking solutions to meet any of your ingress and egress needs.

Proud Service Partners