Contract Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Table of Contents

Section 1: Contract Overview

  • Employee Hierarchy & Directory

  • Key Contacts

  • Operating Hours & Pricing

  • Site Map & Address

Section 2: Logistics Procedures

  • Setup / Opening

  • Vehicle Inbound

  • Designated Parking

  • Vehicle Request & Outbound

  • Payment Processing

  • Closing

Section 3:  Contract Specifics

  • Special Notes

  • Greeting Guests

  • Downtime Positioning

  • Lunch Break Schedule  

  • Inventory & Supplies List

Section 4: Appendix

  • Appendix 1

  • Appendix 2

  • Appendix 3

  • Appendix 4

  • Appendix 5

Section 1: Contract Overview

Employee Hierarchy & Directory

This section will outline all the positions available at this location as outlined in Section 1 of the Contract policy and procedure document. Next to each position name will be the name of the person in that role at the particular contract entrance. Please note each entrance has it’s own team and there may be the same names across all entrances as the particular employee works between entrances from week to week.   Please also include the names of all the backup staff qualified to work at the location next to each backup job role. This is important to keep updated on a regular basis by the contract manager as it’s what is used for staff to find shift replacements.

Please note to exclude any holiday staffing requirements and to make reference to this fact in this section.  Also if a certain job role is only applicable to certain days of the week please note this next to the job title in brackets.

Key Contacts

This section will be used to store contact details (names, positions, phone number, email) of individuals that are part of the overall operations.  Examples can include Security office, Maintenance crew, parking operators, Telecom, POS issues, O-valet, onsite client manager, Other entrance phone numbers.  In essence you want to have all contact number handy for issues that can arise that need to be handled immediately.

Operating Hours & Pricing

This section will outline all the days of valet operations and hours.  It will also provide a breakdown of the pricing structure. PLease make note if there is a grace period post the end times outlined for instances where guests have not yet come to retrieve vehicle.

Site Map & Address

An official site map should be obtained from the client with an aerial view of the entire property.  If this cannot be obtained use google satellite view to capture the needed view. Below are a view key areas you will need to outline and identify on the map.

  1. All valet entrance drop off points

  2. Designated parking zones - Both for guest parking and staff parking

  3. Equipment/Supplies storage areas

  4. Any location you have outlined in the SOP should be clearly marked on this map to use as a legend and wayfinding tool

Section 2: Logistics Procedures


This section will need to be broken down in a step by step manner.  It should always begin in a chronological order for example the moment they arrive on site to the moment they are ready to accept the first car.  This section will also outline the setup requirements using images as examples that can be referenced by directing to the appropriate Appendix. It is imperative that you are as exact as possible in terms of where each inventory & supply item needs to be for the setup.

Vehicle Inbound

This section will be aimed at discussing anything relating to the flow of accepting vehicles and parking them.   It is recommended you review Section 4.1 “Vehicle Parking Procedure” to determine if the contract has any special requirements in addition to this procedure that needs to be outlined here. If O-Valet is being used make reference to it and outline the sections of the O-Valet training that are applicable to this phase.   Referencing an appendix map of the parking/arrival route will also be required in this section. Key box positioning and key storage requirements will be outlined in this section as well.

Designated Parking

This section is reserved for anything in relation to the actual parking stalls/areas that are part of the operations.  This will include all employee parking references, handicap stalls, VIP stalls, reserved stalls, non reserved stalls, etc.  Use appendix to highlight maps and images of barricade setups etc. If there is any tandem parking or specific parking location ID names that need to be reference or marked include in this section.

Vehicle Request & Outbound

This section should outline anything that is in relation to customer requests procedures and vehicle outbound procedures.  Review section 4.2 of the contract policy & procedure document to view what is standard and what makes this particular contract unique.  Include information on exiting the parking garage, ways a customer can request car i.e through O-valet online, etc. Provide appendices outlining maps of the return route from the various parking areas.  If support staff are involved outline that as well.

Payment Processing

This section needs to identify all payment options available at this particular location along with any exclusions or additions to Section 4.3 of the contract policy & procedures document.


This section will outline a step by step guide on what to do upon shift end.  Special topics to cover include, cash and debt reconciliation procedures, equipment storage, what to do with keys of customers that do not return, What to do if there are revenue discrepancies, cash deposit procedures along with bank information.

Section 3: Contract Specifics

Special Notes

This section will basically outline all the nuances relating to the contract in a bullet point form style.  Go through all of the policy and procedures document (Section 3 & 4) and if there is anything that is not mentioned there or that doesn’t apply it needs to be referenced in this section.   Also make note of any wifi passwords, float amounts and denominations, Tip pooling polocies.

Greeting Guests

This section will outline the phrases that need to be conveyed to guests and the information that needs to be relayed upon arrival to the valet. If there is special information that the valets’ are required to know in the event guests ask must be included in this section.

Downtime Positioning

This section will outline what and where is acceptable to the contract during downtime (waiting for inbound or outbound requests)   It’s very important to highlight certain areas of the acceptance bay where we know staff will be prone to using that is not acceptable such as leaning up against walls, sitting on curbs or poles, sitting in personal vehicles.   

Lunch Break Schedule

If there is a special lunch break schedule post in this section and highlight if it is acceptable to eat while at post or not.  In most cases unless client willing staff are to eat lunch away from the valet acceptance bay

Inventory & Supplies List

This should outline EVERY SINGLE equipment and supply at the location.  This even includes elastics and pens. For supplies there is no need to provide quantities but for inventory pieces we need to keep track of ensure quantities are provided in a table format next to each item name.