FAQ - Gatsby Valet Inc.


How is the price for valet services determined and what is the cost for valet parking at my event?

The price for valet service varies. There are a number of factors that affect our pricing structure. The cost for Gatsby’s valet services in Toronto is determined by three factors: the number of guests expected, location and event duration.

Number of Guest:

All three factors affect the price of our valet services. You will be required to provide us with the number of guests you are inviting to your function. This information will help us calculate how many cars to expect and will consequently affect the amount of car valet required. For corporate functions, we allot two guests per vehicle, and for family functions, like weddings, we will allot three guests per vehicle.


Once we have established the number of cars that will be expected to valet, our second order of business will be to assess the venue location. Each venue poses its own unique challenge for car valet; parking distances and availability are often very different; especially in Toronto.

A “car to driver” ratio will be determined depending on the complexity of the logistics. This ratio will tell us how many cars will be allocated per driver to ensure effective valet service with minimal wait times. For example, a ratio of 8:1 means for every 8 cars we will assign 1 car valet driver. The lower the ratio, the better the car valet service and the lower the wait time; however, it should be noted that lower ratios often require a higher percentage of valet parking staff which may affect your quote.


Once we have determined the appropriate valet parking ratio and therefore the number of staff required to ensure a flawless valet parking experience for your Toronto event, we must determine the length of your event and determine labour costs associated with valet parking.

Additional Costs:

There is an additional charge of the “valet margin” which is determined by the amount of vehicles that require valet parking. The valet margin takes into account the risk associated with valet parking and includes the sort of damage that could occur in the event of an accident. When we add the labour cost to the valet margin we are left with the valet service price. If you divide this price by the amount of cars you are expecting, you will arrive with an average cost per car. This average cost per car varies from a minimum of $20 per car to $45 per car depending on the three factors mentioned above. The average cost per car valet for a typical wedding is between $24 and $28 per car.

Request a quote now or give us a call and we can go over your needs together.

What happens if the car valet attendant causes damage to a guest vehicle? Is Gatsby Valet insured?

Gatsby Valet is fully insured for all at fault accidents up to $10 million dollars liability coverage. If your company or venue requires an insurance certificate detailing Gatsby’s valet parking insurance coverage, this can be arranged at no cost to you.

How long will guests have to wait before receiving their cars?

A guest’s wait times depends on two key factors: the car to driver ratio and the distance from the valet parking area to the front entrance. Each factor will be affected by a different location; however, Gatsby is known for a 5 minute maximum wait time for their Toronto valet parking services and usually provides valet service at a much quicker rate. If we don’t think we can achieve this level of valet service, we will inform you prior to your event, and will inform guests of the extended wait time.

If you foresee a large majority of your guests departing or arriving at one set time, let us know and we will prepare for a swift and timely arrival/exit.

How do you determine how many valet parking attendants are required for any given event?

The number of valet parking attendants required directly correlates to the number of vehicles expected and the distance from the entrance of the venue to the valet parking location. If the valet parking location is close to the front of the venue then we can have a higher car to driver ratio which will reduce the labour cost. Alternatively, if parking is underground and a further distance from the venue the ratio must be lowered and consequently the price must increase due to the increase in labour costs.

On my quote there is a paid duty charge. What does that cover?

A paid duty officer is usually needed when we are accepting vehicles on a major road, which is sometimes the case when valet parking in Toronto. The paid duty officer ensures your guests’ safety when exiting their vehicles, and also ensures that traffic is diverted away from guests’vehicles. We will arrange for the employment of the officer and pay him/her. This cost may be required and will be detailed on your quote under cost summary.

There is a parking charge on top of the valet parking cost, why is that?

The parking charge is the cost that we have to pay the parking company that manages the specific valet parking lot we use for your event. At Gatsby, we always try to find free parking first; however, in some locations, specifically in downtown Toronto, this is not possible. As part of our service, we will take care of reserving a Toronto lot suitable for valet parking and pay the initial bill. In most cases the parking company will charge us on a per car basis. Therefore if you are expecting 100 cars, but only 80 are parked, you will only be charged for 80 cars. If we are paying a flat rate for the entire lot at a predetermined price then we are not charged on a per car basis but rather at a fixed rate. We will communicate all this to you in your initial quote.

How will guests know that there is valet service available, and what does Gatsby bring to events?

We will provide signage that reads valet parking .  In some cases we will also assign a traffic director that will be communicating to each guest to inform them that valet service is available complements of the host.  We strongly recommend however that in your invitations you clearly communicate that valet service will be offered complementary.  It is also recommended that you explain where they are to pull up their vehicle and if possible include a map in the invitation.

How does Gatsby’s valet service work? Are you present during the entire event?

Gatsby is an expert at valet parking. The process is seamless, courteous and above all professional.

Your guests will drive their vehicles to the front of the venue where they will receive their valet card which contains a unique set of numbers. The valet driver will also receive a card with the corresponding numbers. When the guests decide to leave, they will simply hand the valet card to the valet manager, who will radio in the number to the key master located in the parking location close to all guest vehicles. The valet driver will locate the guest’s vehicle and promptly return the vehicle to the guest.

The car valet team will stay at your function until the very last car is returned. There will always be someone present at the front of the venue and there will always be drivers ready to return guests’ vehicles throughout the event.

What if my event runs later than expected?

f the event runs later than expected we will simply stay longer and invoice you an overtime charge. This charge will vary depending on the amount of staff that is required to stay.