Evergreen Brick Works Parking

Evergreen Brick Works Parking Direction & Valet Parking


Looking for just the right venue? Every year, Gatsby Valet is honoured to provide our expert service to hundreds of venues throughout the GTA.  As such, we have had the pleasure of seeing some of the most interesting, exquisite and innovative venues our city has to offer.  

This week we would like to give you a glimpse into one of the most innovative green spaces in Toronto. We are speaking, of course, of Evergreen Brick Works, a prime example of the elegance and innovation urban sustainability has to offer. Using the infrastructure of rustic 1889 industrial brick work heritage buildings, and natural lush greenery of the Toronto ravine, Evergreen Brick Works offers both unique indoor and outdoor venues all year round.

Each of the separate venues at Brick Works offers a special something. With the ability to seat 225 guests, high vaulting ceilings, and a striking view of the Chimney Court and ravine slopes, BMO’s Atrium is an ideal setting for year-round gatherings.  This indoor venue is only to be equaled by the warmth of Young Welcome Centre, which can seat 300 guests and offers low chandeliers, artfully crafted exhibits on sustainability and two permanent pieces of heritage structure.

The outdoor venues include the pavilions, and most notably the Holcim Gallery and Koerner Gardens. The structure features two types of old brick-making kilns which would have been used in the production of brick for some of Toronto’s most noted architectural structures, such as Massey Hall and Old City Hall.  The space opens up to Koerner Gardens, where the ceiling is replaced by open-air and a wide variety of native plants which crawl up and around the Gallery.

When hosting an event at Evergreen Brick Works you should consider hiring Gatsby Valet to aid your guests with parking direction and/or full service valet parking.   Navigating your way around the site may be a challenge for some guests which is why hiring Gatsby Valet to help usher your guests to the correct location and help provide and distribute pre paid parking vouchers ensures your event gets started on the right track.  Naturally, Gatsby has solutions that will suit your event needs at Evergreen Brick Works parking.  As we know the site well, not only will we add a touch of luxury to your event, but our experts will put your guests at ease, allowing them to focus on the sustainable beauty and urban excellence surrounding them. Gatsby Valet highly recommends Evergreen Brick Works.